Fire Department

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Form of Ownership

The City of Junction City as an entity through the Shareholders and Customers of the City of Junction City are the sole Owners and controlling Governmental Authority for the Junction City Fire Department (JCFD).

Most Important Strengths & Core Competencies

The members of the JCFD are the core and the strength of the department; being such the members of the department are held to a high standard of Professional, Ethical, and Moral Conduct. All members of the department are encouraged to hold credentials that meet or exceed the standards of the State of Kansas, the International Fire Service Accreditation Commission (IFSAC), National Professional Board and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). 

Every member of the JCFD is encouraged to have as a minimum standard, Firefighter II, Hazardous Materials Operations, National Registry Emergency Medical Technician to Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic.


The JCFD faces may challenges, as the community faces the ever-changing economic climate of a today’s governing body. The challenges for the department are not limited to the perception of the fire service, as the educational, residential, commercial, industrial and recreational venues of the community establish a need for the department to adapt to the needs of the community to meet the expectations of the shareholder and customer.

The challenges include:

  • The dangers of fire
  • Education of the public in the areas of Fire and Life Safety
  • Man made events
  • Marine emergencies
  • Medical emergencies
  • Natural events
  • Trauma incidents

These challenges represent a need for a positive and progressive agency to respond to the needs of the community as they occur. Through preparation, education, and an understanding of the services expected the department continues to prepare to serve the community.


The Department’s budget as provided by the City is based on the standard budget process for the State of Kansas to provide fire, Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical Services (EMS), rescue, hazardous materials response and support to the city and to Geary County.

The Department

The JCFD has the dedication of career members who provide services to the shareholders and customers of the community; the department has two stations serving the city. The department’s stations are strategically located to respond to the needs of the community as efficiently as possible.

The department’s chain of command has the responsibility to provide a positive and productive atmosphere for members to conduct business of the department in a professional and ethical manner to promote safety and teamwork for all members of the department.

Two Divisions

The department has two active sets of members to provide the Share Holder and Customer the effective and efficient services as one department the administrative and operational branches.

The department head is the Fire Chief of the Department, who functions as the formal leader of the department and manages the operational and administrative responsibilities of the department. 

Division Responsibilities

  • The Department has an Office manager that is responsible for the overall administrative responsibilities for record keeping and processing the appropriate documentation for the JCFD
  • The Division Operations Chief is responsible Daily Operations of Stations, Logistics, and Maintenance of buildings and apparatus. Coordinating fire training with the shifts.
  • The Division EMS Chief is responsible for the daily response for EMS services, all  EMS training and logistical needs for EMS services. 

Fire Marshal

The Fire Marshal is responsible for the Fire Inspection Program for the department and the Fire Investigation program of the department. This position insures local businesses are within the adopted codes of the City and all Fire and Life Safety Codes are equally enforced. 

The Fire Marshal also is the lead Fire Investigator for the JCFD and coordinates with the departments Fire Investigators and supports needs When Investigations are necessary.

Shifts & Stations

The JCFD has 3 shifts assigned to 2 stations

  • Station 1 - 700 North Jefferson Street 
  • Station 2 - 2245 Lacy Dr

The Captains supervise the assigned personnel and work under the supervision of a Division Operations Chief. The members assigned to the station facilitate the response needed to that district for the assigned area and provide additional manpower to the adjoining district. The Division Operations Chief manages the assigned operational and administrative needs as well as the overall supervision of operations as needed. 

Each station will have assigned a Captain, Engineer(s), Firefighter II and/or Firefighter I and probationary Firefighter personnel that are trained at the Emergency Medical Technician, Advanced Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic Level to meet the response needs of the station’s district.

Emergency Medical Services at the Advanced Life Support Level

The JCFD also provides Emergency Medical Services at the Advanced Life Support Level for the City of Junction City and the surrounding community of Geary County, Kansas. In addition to providing coverage for Emergency Medical Services for the community the department provides inter-facility convalescent transport for the local Stormont Vail - Flint Hills Campus and medical facilities. Our service response model requires our members to be qualified as required by the State of Kansas Board Emergency Medical Services to the Emergency Medical Technician, Advanced or Paramedic levels.