Snow & Ice Removal

When the snow falls, your safety on the streets is our top priority. The City Department of Public Works (DPW) strives to provide unmatched snow and ice control services and is aware of the seriousness of keeping our streets drivable for all Junction City residents, businesses and visitors during the winter season. 

Because of the critical nature of this task, the City has developed a "Standard Operating Procedures for Snow and Ice Operations (PDF)" designed to prioritize roadway clearing efforts and make efficient use of staff and financial resources.

Priorities & Categories

The City provides snow and ice control throughout the winter months for its 170-mile street network. These streets fall into one of three priorities and winter events are further set into one of four categories.

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3


Every City street is classified according to the following:

  • Priority 1 - Major Arterial Thoroughfare 
    • Examples:
      • Ash
      • Eisenhower
      • Jackson
      • Washington
  • Priority 2 - Major Collector Thoroughfare 
    • Examples:
      • Chestnut
      • Franklin
      • Grant Avenue
      • McFarland
      • School Routes
  • Priority 3 - Residential Streets

Winter Storm/ Snow Categories

  • Category 1: 2 inches or less of snow - All snow routes rated priority 1 and 2 streets are to be treated with deicing materials (salt or salt/sand mix).
  • Category 2: 2 to 3 inches of snow - All snow routes rated priority 1 and 2 streets are plowed and treated with deicing materials (salt or salt/sand mix).
  • Category 3: 3 to 4 Inches or more of snow - Priority 1 and 2 streets are plowed and treated with deicing materials (salt or salt/sand mix) until storm subsides. Priority route 3 streets are treated with deicing materials (salt or salt/sand mix) and plowed when necessary.
  • Category 4: Major snow storm or snow emergency amounting to 4 inches or more inches of snow - Concentration is given to priority routes 1 and 2 streets which are plowed and treated with deicing materials (salt or salt/sand mix.). Priority routes 3 streets will be attend to after Priority 1 and 2 streets are passable.

Snow Emergency

There are streets in the City of Junction City designated as an "Emergency Snow Route."

Streets are those streets in which the City has identified that in order to safety clear, during a major snow event must have vehicles removed. View the City’s Emergency Snow Route Map (PDF). The City Ordinance, Chapter 315, Section 315.010 explains the Snow Emergency Regulations and who can declare a Traffic Emergency.

Declaration of Traffic Emergency

Declaration of Traffic Emergency can be called whenever snow has accumulated or there is a possibility that snow will accumulate to such a depth that snow removal operations will be required.

The City Manager, or in his/her Designee, may declare a traffic emergency, and until such traffic emergency is terminated.

Penalty for Failing to Move Vehicle

Once a snow emergency is declared, vehicle owners will have two hours to move their cars out of the street. Vehicles that are not moved can be towed, and the owner will have to pay fine and towing costs.

Emergency Announcement

The public will be notified of snow emergency declarations via announcements in the media such as newspaper, radio, television, City website and cable television information channel 3.


The DPW staff, in conjunction with Police dispatch, are on-call seven days a week to respond to street hazard conditions or storm events. These services are provided for all streets under the City’s jurisdiction.

Questions or to report a street that may have been missed please contact the DPW at 785-238-7142.