Career Information

Employment Process

  1. Submit Application and Supporting Documents 
  2. Records Check; NCIC, III, KBI, MVD, JCPD Records
  3. Physical Abilities (Physical Agility) Test
  4. Written Test ---Must pass with 70%
  5. Initial Interview – Selected by Written Test Scores
  6. Polygraph Examination (Those Selected in Step 5)
  7. Background Investigation (Those Passing Step 6)
  8. Command Staff Review of Background Investigation
  9. Interview Board
  10. Chiefs Review of Applicants and Selection
  11. Conditional Offer of Employment
  12. Physical and Drug Screen at Geary Community Hospital
  13. Psychological Testing
  14. Psychological Interview and Evaluation
  15. Final Background and Records Check
  16. Offer of Employment

Application Process

Those interested in a career with the Junction City Police Department are encouraged to complete an Application when it is advertised on the City of Junction City employment website:  City Job Web Site. If the position for Police Officer is not listed we are not taking applications at this time. No filing fees are involved, but applications must be completed on the web.

Applications are maintained by the Junction City Human Resources Department. Police Personnel notify the applicants of the next time and date of the Written and Physical Agility examinations.

Application Evaluation:

The Application form and all requested documents are examined and evaluated against an extensive list of automatic Disqualifiers established by the Administrative Services Department. Basic areas of Automatic Disqualifiers are hard drug usage in the last 5 years. Marijuana use in the last 2 years. Misdemeanor criminal convictions occurring within five years prior to application for employment and any felony convictions. Any finding of an automatic disqualifier eliminates the applicant from further consideration.

Failure to supply the information requested results in an automatic disqualification. Additionally, applicants will later be required to supply a certificate of graduation, high school and college transcripts, a copy of their social security card and a copy of their driver's license. Current and former military, or current or former law enforcement officers, a DD 214 or law enforcement certification should be included with other documentation.


Physical Ability Test:


Members of the Police Department administer the Physical Abilities Test with oversight by the Human Resources Department.

Applicants for the position of Patrol Officer with The City of Junction City are required to participate in a strenuous physical ability test. This test is designed to test the applicants' physical ability to perform the essential job functions of a patrol officer to include the pursuing and subduing of a fleeing adult male suspect. The test requires the applicants to complete the following stations:

The test will be 300 yards in length.

There are five different stations/events that the applicant will be tested on.

These events are designed to test the physical abilities of the applicant during simulated events that one could possibly encounter performing the duties of a patrol officer during a patrol shift.

This is a timed test with a maximum time limit of 2 minutes and 30 seconds to successfully complete the test.

  1. 165 lb. Dummy Drag, 50 feet.

    2.    6' High Chain Link Fence, climb.


    3.    Running Long Jump, 5 feet.


    4.    Cuffman Handcuffing exercise.


    5.    Pylon Zig Zag.


    6.    Sprint to Finish.


The test simulates obstacles, which a police officer could encounter during a foot chase of a suspect or dealing with subjects in emergency situations.

Written Examination:

The written test is administered and certified by a designee of the Junction City Police Department.


Initial Interview:

Once an applicant passes the written and agility tests, and has no Automatic Disqualifiers, they are placed on the eligibility list based on their test score. Human Resources rules require we interview 3 applicants for every vacancy. Example: If five vacancies currently exist, we interview 15 applicants (if available) starting with the highest test score and moving down the eligibility list. The initial interview is with a member of management to go over your application, inform you about the Junction City Police Department and our hiring process and to assess if you possess the qualities most sought after in police officer applicants.

Polygraph Examination:

Each applicant is required to undergo a pre-employment Polygraph examination. A qualified examiner employed by the Junction City Police Department administers the test. The examination is designed to show an applicant as being truthful. All the questions posed to the applicant during the examination are discussed with the applicant prior to the actual testing.


Background Investigation:

An extensive background investigation is undertaken on the applicant that consists of personal contacts and phone contacts with listed references, school teachers, administrators, employers, co-workers, neighbors, unlisted references that can be located, spouse, ex-spouses and friends. Additionally, an applicant's current financial institution is checked, past credit history is examined; criminal history checks are made.

Command Staff Review Process:

The completed background investigation file is sent to each Division Captain and the Chief of Police for their review and determination on whether the applicant continues forward in the process. A majority vote is required for continuation in the process. Also, during this review process, the Division Captains and Chief can make notations for their use in determining placement of the applicants on the employment list.

Interview Board:

Applicants successfully passing the review process are scheduled for a personal interview with an interview board consisting of Command Staff and Officers. Applicants are evaluated on character traits and abilities in the areas of decision making, judgements under pressure, ability to communicate, demeanor, integrity and credibility. Standard sets of questions are asked of each applicant and the applicant is scored numerically based on their answers. An opportunity is provided for the applicant to present their strong points and verbalize why they would be an asset to the Junction City Police Department. 

Chiefs Review of Applicants and Selection:

Following the completion of all interviews, the Chief of Police evaluates all the applicant's scores and ratings received in the prior phases. The Chief then places each candidate in a preferential hiring order.

Medical Examination:

Each applicant is required to undergo an extensive medical examination to insure their physical condition and ability to perform the duties and functions required of this profession. During this examination a mandatory drug screen is administered.

If an applicant is determined to be not qualified, they will be removed from the employment process and advised.

Psychological Testing:

The applicants are required to undergo a psychological evaluation. The psychological testing consist of the following test: MMPI-2 Minnesota Multiphase Personality Inventory. This test identifies potential individuals with anti-social/violent and expressed anger patterns. The Inwald Personality Inventory Test. The Wonderlic Personnel Test. The 16 PF Personality Test and the Hilson Public Safety Personal History Questionnaire. The Verbal Test. The results of these tests, administered by Psychological Sciences Corporation are rated, scored and used by Dr. Ronald Waln in evaluating the applicant.

Psychological Interview:

The Junction City Police Department is fortunate to have Dr. Waln evaluate and screen each applicant prior to being employed with the Junction City Police Department. Dr. Waln conducts a personal interview with each of the applicants prior to offering them a final job offer. All information gathered on the applicant to date is provided to Dr. Waln to assist in making his evaluation and recommendation on the applicant.


As you can see, the employment process is lengthy and very detailed. Please understand it is the purpose of the Junction City Police Department to hire the most qualified and best representatives for the citizens of Junction City . If you have any questions concerning the process please call Scott Popovich at 785-762-5912 or Human Resources at 785-238-3103.







  I, _________________________, authorize inspection, copying and full disclosure of any and all records concerning myself to any duly authorized agent of the Junction City Police Department regardless of whether the records are public, private or confidential.

The intent of this authorization is to give my consent for full and complete disclosure of the records of educational institutions; financial or credit institutions, including records of loans, the records of commercial or retail credit agencies (including credit reports and/or ratings) and other financial statements and records wherever filed; employment and pre-employment records, including background reports, efficiency ratings, complaints or grievances filed by or against me and the records and recollections of attorneys-at-law or other counsel, whether representing me or another person in any case, either criminal or civil, in which I presently have or have had any interest; all attendance records, polygraph examinations and any internal investigations and discipline, including any files which are deemed to be confidential and/or sealed.

I understand any and all information obtained by a personal history background investigation, developed directly or indirectly, in whole or in part; upon this release will be considered in determining my suitability for employment by the City of Junction City . I hereby release and agree to indemnify you, your organization and all others any liability or damages that may result from furnishing the information requested, including any liability or damage pursuant to any state or federal laws. I hereby release the officers, employees or related personnel, both individually and collectively, from any and all liability for damages of whatever kind, which may at any time result to me, my heirs, family, or associates because of compliance with this release and request to release information, or any attempt to comply with it. I direct you to release such information upon request of a duly accredited representative of the Junction City Police Department regardless of any agreement I may have made with you previously to the contrary.

I further agree to waive any right of access or review whatsoever to the background investigation developed through this release.

For, and in consideration of, the City of Junction City's acceptance and processing of my application for employment, I agree to hold the City of Junction City, its agents and employees harmless and indemnify them from any and all claims and liability associated with my application for employment or in any way connected with the decision whether to employ me with the City of Junction City.

A photocopy or fax copy of this release form will be valid as an original thereof, even though the said copy does not contain an original writing of my signature.

 Print Name:   
 Date of Birth:
 Social Security Number:

Subscribed and Sworn to before me on this ___ day of ___________________, _______, by:


Print Name:

Notary Public

Rev. 04/05.2006


You have been given a conditional job offer of employment with the Junction City Police Department. You are required to report for a physical examination at a scheduled date and time. You must also report for any subsequent testing or provide additional documentation as ordered by the Geary Community Hospital Occupational Health. Failure to comply with any of these conditions or intentionally giving wrong or misleading answers to the below listed questions will result in the withdrawal of the employment offer. This questionnaire must be completed and turned into Geary Community Hospital Occupational Health personnel when you arrive for your appointment.

1.   Do you ever utilize vision correction devices?        _____yes_____no

2.   Have you ever been diagnosed as color blind?       _____yes_____no

3.   Have you ever been diagnosed with a vision problem?     _____yes_____no

4.   Have you ever been diagnosed with hearing loss?       _____yes_____no

5.   Have you been diagnosed or are aware of the following:

Chronic Angina          _____yes_____no

Resting pulse rate exceeding 100 bpm    _____yes_____no

Any degree of heart blockage        _____yes_____no

History of myocardial infarction      _____yes_____no

Significant cardiac dysrhythmia      _____yes_____no

Blood pressure problems        _____yes_____no

7.   Do you have chronic or recurring pain?          _____yes_____no

8.   Have you ever been diagnosed with epilepsy?        _____yes_____no

9.   Do you have any degenerative disorder of the nervous system?    _____yes_____no

10.   Do you have rheumatoid arthritis?            _____yes_____no

11.   Have you been diagnosed with diabetes?          _____yes_____no

12.   Have you ever experienced a pneumothorax (collapsed lung)?    _____yes_____no

13.   Have you ever or do you now have active tuberculosis?      _____yes_____no

14.   Do you have an unrepaired hernia?            _____yes_____no

15.   Have you ever experienced abnormal pulmonary (lung) functions?    _____yes_____no

16.   Do you have any medical conditions not listed above?      _____yes_____no

Please provide a detailed description, on the back of this form, to any of the above questions which you responded to with a A yes answer.

List any physician(s) you have consulted in the past two years.





________________________________       _________________________

Signature of Applicant                                         Date



The Junction City Police Department is a municipal agency staffed by 74 employees and an authorized strength of 49 commissioned officers.

 Junction City is served by Interstate 70. Also Highways 77 and 18.

In December 1989 the City of Junction City completed construction of the police department that is located across the street from the Geary County Sheriff's Office and the County courthouse.

The Junction City Police Department Programs of Interest include: Citizen's Academy, School Resource Officers and DARE Officers. A Community Involvement Unit. K-9 Officer and Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force.


Public safety is a top priority for the Junction City Police Department.


Junction City Police Department

210 East 9th Street

Junction City, Kansas 66441





Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are You Currently Hiring?
    To find if the police department is currently hiring, please contact Scott Popovich at (785)762-5912.

  2. How Do I Get Started In The Hiring Process?    
    The first step in the hiring process is filing out a job application on-line through the City of Junction City employment website, City Job Web Site to download an application.

  3. How Long Does The Hiring Process Take?   
    The hiring process normally takes 3 - 5 months to complete. However, this time period can be shorter or longer, depending on the amount of openings and the experience level of an applicant.

  4. What Are The Steps In The Hiring Process?   
    1. Submit Application and Supporting Documents
    2. Complete the WORKReady! Certification through the local workforce
    3. Records Check; NCIC, III, KBI, MVD, JCPD Records
    4. Physical Abilities (Physical Agility) Test
    5. Written Test ---Must pass with 70%
    6. Initial Interview – Selected by Written Test Scores
    7. Polygraph Examination (Those Selected in Step 5)
    8. Background Investigation (Those Passing Step 6)
    9. Command Staff Review of Background Investigation
    10. Interview Board
    11. Chiefs Review of Applicants and Selection
    12. Conditional Offer of Employment
    13. Physical and Drug Screen at Geary Community Hospital
    14. Psychological Testing
    15. Psychological Interview and Evaluation
    16. Final Background and Records Check
    17. Offer of Employment

  5. How Many Positions Are Currently Open?
    The Number of openings for full-time police officers vary. Please call Scott Popovich at (785) 762-5912 for information on vacancies.

  6. Is A College Degree Required?
    No. The only educational requirement is a high school degree or equivalent.

  7. Do I need Prior Police Experience?       
    No. If hired as a Junction City Police Officer, the necessary training will be provided.

  8. Is There An Age Requirement or Restriction? 
    The only age restriction is a person must be 21 years of age upon the date of hire. There is no upper age restriction.

  9. Is There A Height Or Weight Requirement?    

  10. What Is The Starting Salary?         
    2020-$41,392. Shift differential and Specialized Position Allowance, are enhancements that can be earned.

  11. Do you have "Lateral Entry" for experienced officers?       
    Yes. Although the positions of Officer and Sergeant are covered by a union contract, those with police experience can qualify for starting pay above the level of those with no police experience.

  12. Who Pays For The Academy?        
    The Junction City Police Department pays officers salaries while attending training at the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center . KLETC pays for room, board and instruction. There is no charge to an officer.

  13. How Long Is The Academy?
    14 Weeks.

  14. Where Is The Academy Held?        
    KLETC is located outside of Hutchinson , Kansas.

  15. Do I Have To Live In Junction City Or The State Of Kansas  in Order To Apply For The Position Of Police Officer?
    No. However, if hired as a Junction City Police Officer, you must reside within a 30 minute response time from the Police Department.

  16. If You Live "Out Of Town", How Many Trips Will I Have To Make To Junction City To Complete The Process?         
    Out-of-town applicants can expect to make at least two to three trips to Junction City during the hiring process. Please notify Lt. Popovich if you are coming from out of state so that as many steps in the process can be scheduled as possible.

  17. If Travel To Junction City Is Necessary To Take Part In The Hiring Process, Does The Police Department Pay For Or Help Defray The Costs?       

  18. Does The Police Department Furnish The Needed Uniforms And Equipment?        
    Yes. Uniforms, leather gear, weapon and other law enforcement tools are provided by the police department. Cleaning of uniforms is also paid for along with a $300.00 a year allowance for boots, socks, tee shirts. etc.

  19. How Many Commissioned Officers Does Your Department Have?       
    The current authorized strength of the Junction City Police Department is 49 commissioned officers.

  20. How large is the City of Junction City ?
    The Current population of Junction City is 25,500. 

  21. What Shifts do Patrol Officers Work? 
    Patrol Officers work 12 hour shifts. 6:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. A standard two week pay period consists of the following: Work Monday and Tuesday. Off Wednesday and Thursday. Work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Off Monday and Tuesday. Work Wednesday and Thursday. Off Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Junction City Police Department Pay Matrix
Year 2018 2019 2020 2021
<1 19.51 19.71 19.90 20.10
1 19.90 20.10 20.30 20.50
2 20.30 20.50 20.71 20.92
3 20.90 21.11 21.32 21.53
4 21.53 21.75 21.96 22.18
5 22.18 22.40 22.63 22.85
6 22.84 23.07 23.30 23.53
7 23.52 23.76 23.99 24.23
8 24.24 24.48 24.73 24.97
9 24.72 24.97 25.22 25.47
10 25.21 25.46 25.72 25.97
11 25.73 25.99 26.25 26.51
12 26.23 26.49 26.76 27.02
13 26.49 26.75 27.02 27.29
14 26.77 27.04 27.31 27.58
15 27.04 27.31 27.58 27.86
16 27.30 27.57 27.85 28.13
17 27.57 27.85 28.12 28.41
18 27.85 28.13 28.41 28.69
19 28.41 28.69 28.98 29.27
20 28.97 29.26 29.55 29.85
21 29.26 29.55 29.85 30.15
22 29.56 29.86 30.15 30.46
23 29.85 30.15 30.45 30.75
24 30.15 30.45 30.76 31.06
25 30.46 30.76 31.07 31.38
26 30.75 31.06 31.37 31.68
27 31.06 31.37 31.68 32.00
28 31.37 31.68 32.00 32.32
29 31.69 32.01 32.33 32.65
30 32.00 32.32 32.64 32.97
31 32.33 32.65 32.98 33.31
32 32.68 32.98 33.31 33.64