Street Maintenance

The Department of Public Works (DPW) has the responsibility for ensuring the safety and maintaining the condition of all public streets, rights of ways and storm drains are addressed to the best of their abilities.


Street Repair


Routine maintenance of the City’s street system including pavement patching and replacement, alley re-grading, street sweeping, storm drain maintenance and improvements, ditching, guardrail repairs, street sign maintenance, and  snow and ice removal.

Services Provided

Street Sweeping                        Removal & trimming Trees            

Unplugging Drains                   Pothole patching         

Crack Sealing                            Minor Street Repairs          

Stormwater Drainage               Street Construction Projects    

Snow and Ice Removal            Emergency Storm Clean-up



The DPW currently maintains a network of more than 30 miles of major and 120 miles of residential streets and 35 miles of alleys.


Ensuring safe driving conditions is the primary objective of the street maintenance program. Improving the aesthetic quality of the street network in the City of Junction City is also a priority.