Welcome to the Junction City Engineering Department web page. Engineering Services includes; Airport Operations, Construction Criteria & SpecificationsCurrent Bids/Proposals, Engineering Permits, Pavement Management, Resources, Storm Water Management, and Traffic and Right-of-way. Links on our site will take you more detailed information on the Department's responsibilities, as well as provide more information on out serviced.


The Engineering Department is located at 700 N Jefferson St. The office is open to assist customers Monday through Friday from 8:00 am through 5:00 pm. Phone (785) 238-3103.


We welcome your questions or comments.


Mission Statement/Goals

The mission of the Junction City Engineering Department is to provide expedient technical engineering services and advice to all city departments, the administration, and the general public. Generally the technical support is related to design, inspection,, and the contract administration of public improvements and subdivisions, plan review, grading, draining, and general construction information.


Goals of the Engineering Department

  • To ensure sound engineering practices are applied towards the design, review and inspections of transportation, water, sewer, drainage and facilities within the City
  • To ensure work within the City's rights-of-way, soil & sedimentation erosion control measures and infrastructure systems are completed per the City’s various design standards, codes and ordinances of the City
  • To provide excellence, fair and friendly services to the citizens, business & property owners, and contractors within the City
  • To enforce, fairly and equally, as well as, uphold the laws, regulations, rules & ordinances of which we are entrusted towards developments, system improvements and construction activities within the City
  • To retain records of the City systems (streets, water, sanitary sewer, drainage, and facilities), land developments and improvements within the City

Engineering Department Staff

Kristofer Finger, Assistant City Engineer PH (785) 238-3103 [email protected]

Blanchard Brown, Engineering Technician PH (785) 238-3103 [email protected]

Terneka Pringle, Engineering Administrative Assistant PH (785) 238-3103  [email protected]


Services Provided

*Design/Construction (all                                         *Plan Reviews (Subdivisions, Site Plans

             municipal public improvements)                             and Address Assignments)              


*Inspections (of Public & Private                                *Permit Issuance (Right-of-way, and

Improvements & Contractual Mowing)                      Soil Erosion)


*City Airport Improvements                                      *Traffic Safety (Signage, Striping)


*Geographical Information System                          *System Feasibility Reports

            (G.I.S.) records (Water, Sewer, Storm)                      (Water-Use-Rights, Storm water)


*Federal and State Grants                                        *Asset Management Systems

            (Streets, Pathways, Sidewalks)                                   (Street Management, Signs, Utilities)