Leaf Collection Drop off Program
Posted on Tuesday October 31, 2017
The City of Junction City is pleased to announce the City’s Annual Fall Leaf Collection/ Drop-off Program. Starting Tuesday, October 31st and continuing as weather permits through the end of December 15th

Junction City residents may bring bags of leaves, grass clippings and bulk leaves to be dropped off at the following locations listed below.  


Residents are asked to only drop off leafs or grass clippings---NO TRASH OR TREE LIMBS ALLOWED.  The drop off centers will be on the honor system relying on the public to not place trash or tree limbs in the collection bin areas.  The drop-off center bins will be constructed of concrete barriers and signed accordingly at the locations.


If trash and other non bio-degradable materials become an issue the drop off collection system will stop and the program will be restructured.


Leaf Drop-off Locations:    


Playground Park                  1000 block West 5th Street (near the City        

                                               Pool area)


Public Works Center            2324 North Jackson Street

                                   (near the City/ County Animal Shelter)



The intent of the program is to become Environmental Stewards of our community; Allow residents an opportunity to drop and remove leaves and other bio-degradable materials; Minimize the amount of materials going into our landfills  and further help in maintaining affordable sanitation rates within “Our Community”. 


Please look to do your part in maintaining our City.



Questions please contact the City of Junction City, Department of Public Works at 238-7142.