Traffic Snow Emergency
Posted on Thursday February 21, 2013
A Traffic Snow Emergency is in effect for the next 48 hours, effective 8:00 AM, February 21, 2013 (Thursday) unitl 8:00 AM February 23, 2013 (Saturday) or until futher notice.

With the continued snow storm accumulation, and the need to ensure the City streets are cleared in a safe and effective manner, the City of Junction City is declaring a Traffic Snow Emergency for the next 48 hours, effective, 8;00 AM, February 21, 2013 (Thursday) until 8:00 AM February 23, 2013 (Saturday) or until further notice.

All vehicles parked on emergency snow routes, which are signed/ posted, must be removed within two (2) hours after notice of this traffic snow emergency.  Any vehicle parked on an emergency snow route after such period of time may be removed or caused to be removed by a City, to a place of safety, and the vehicle may not be recovered until the towing and storage charge are paid by the person claiming the vehicle.

This traffic snow emergency is being issued as the National Weather Service has indicated that the City of Junction City could anticipate the following snow accumulations over the next 48 hours:

                                 Feb. 21, 2013 (Thursday)

Prior to 6am, expect about 3-4 inches of snow

6 am to noon an additional 5 inches of snow (total 8"-           9")

noon to 6 pm-  an additional 3 inches of snow


Total anticipated (Total 10"-15")



Additionally there will be winds of 15 -20 mph with gusts to 30mph, causing drifting and plowing of snow.  In order to ensure efficient clearing of the snow accumulation this Traffic Snow Emergency is being issued.



Additional information please contact Greg McCaffery, Municipal Services Director at (785) 238-3103