Press Release - Arrests
Posted on Tuesday July 05, 2011
For Immediate Release:                                                                                                                                   July 3rd, 2011
On 070311, at around 0003 hours, a large explosion was heard at the rear of 130 W. 7th, the location of Club Coyote located in Junction City.  A Junction City Police Officer patrolling near the scene of the explosion heard the blast and saw smoke and debris rising from the area and people running from the scene. The blast was found to have caused some minor damage to a nearby vehicle. When the officer arrived in the area, witnesses pointed out three men seen walking from the area who they identified as the ones who had set off the device. Police made contact with the men and took them into custody. Later during an interview, one of the men indicated that he may have further material at his home for making explosives.
Junction City Police obtained a search warrant for his residence located at of 532 W 14th #4 here in Junction City. The Kansas State Fire Marshal's Office was called in to assist with the investigation as were Agents from the ATF (Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms). After initial entry in the apartment, Detectives and Agents discovered what appeared to be material used for making explosives along with one substance that was believed to be very volatile.
Additional assistance was then called to the scene from the following agencies: the Riley County Police Bomb Squad, Junction City Fire Department, Manhattan Fire Department Hazardous Material/Special Operations Unit, Geary County Sheriffs Office, Veolia Water, Geary County Emergency Management, and the 73rd Kansas National Guard Civil Support Team headed by Lt. Colonel Dirk Christian.
Throughout the morning and into the afternoon, the Agents from the ATF, the Riley County Bomb Squad, and the State Fire Marshal's Office worked at safely removing any explosive material from the home and rendering it safe. Suspected homemade "Blasting caps", and the previously mentioned explosive substance believed to be very volatile, was removed from the scene by the Riley County Bomb Squad robot, and command detonated in a nearby field. This particular substance had been declared very dangerous by the ATF and to risky to remove from the scene. Other material suspected as having been used for making explosive devices was removed and destroyed later at another sight.
At the time of this press release, explosive experts from the ATF, the State Fire Marshal's Office along with JCPD Detectives continued to search the home for further evidence related to the case.
Arrested as the result of the investigation were:
Bryan Hicks         38            Junction City   
Hugh Jackson      44            Junction City
Corey Everette     30            Junction City
All three men were booked into the Geary County Jail on charge of Criminal Possession of Explosives and Aggravated Arson. They should have a First Appearance in Geary County District Court on Tuesday.  

Tim Brown
                                                                                                                            Chief of Police 
Junction City Police