Trash Hauler License


If you are wishing to engage in the business of collecting and transporting garbage and trash in the City of Junction City, you will need to obtain a Trash Haulers license. To obtain a license you will need to submit the following: 

  • Application
  • List of each vehicle to be operated, to include Type, Make, Model and Year
  • Certificated of inspection for each vehicle from the Junction City Police Department (inspections must be within fifteen days of application)
  • Proof of Insurance (General Liability and Automobile Liability)


Renewals for a Trash Hauler's license are the same as a new license. 

License Fee

The annual license fee is $200.00.

More Information

For more information on Trash Haulers, check out these ordinances.

  1. Building & Code Enforcement

    Physical Address
    700 N Jefferson Street
    Junction City, KS 66441

    Phone: 785-210-2951
    Fax: 785-210-1904