Career Information

Employment Process

  1. Submit Application and Supporting Documents
  2. Records Check
    1. III
    2. Junction City Police Department Records
    3. KBI
    4. MVD
    5. NCIC
  3. Physical Abilities (Physical Agility) Test
  4. Written Test - Must pass with 70%
  5. Initial Interview - Selected by Written Test Scores
  6. Polygraph Examination (Those Selected in Step 5)
  7. Background Investigation (Those Passing Step 6)
  8. Command Staff Review of Background Investigation
  9. Interview Board
  10. Chiefs Review of Applicants and Selection
  11. Conditional Offer of Employment
  12. Physical and Drug Screen at Geary Community Hospital
  13. Psychological Testing
  14. Psychological Interview and Evaluation
  15. Final Background and Records Check
  16. Offer of Employment
  17. Salaries


As you can see, the employment process is lengthy and very detailed. Please understand it is the purpose of the Junction City Police Department to hire the most qualified and best representatives for the citizens of Junction City. 

If you have any questions concerning the process please call Chief John Lamb at 785-762-5912 or Human Resources at 785-238-3103.