Citizen's Police Academy

Community Involvement Unit

Citizen’s Police Academy Goals

The Junction City Police Department Citizen’s Police Academy was created to forge a partnership between citizens and the Junction City Police. The goal of the Citizen’s Police Academy is to educate Junction City citizens about the structure and activities of their police department. The Citizen’s Police Academy is not a "training" class, but is an exciting "information" class, a behind-the-scenes look at the Junction City Police Department. 

The Citizen’s Police Academy program operates on the premise that informed and educated citizens will be more supportive of police officers and the department, and will be more productive within their own neighborhoods and communities.

Citizen’s Police Academy Classes

The 12-week Citizen’s Police Academy course meets one night each week for approximately 3 hours including one Saturday. Classes are held at the Junction City Police Department. Topics covered in the Citizen’s Police Academy include overviews of the Junction City Police Department’s organization and structure, information on officer recruiting and training, introductions to the various divisions of Junction City Police Department and their responsibilities (such as Community Involvement Unit, Operations Unit, Drug Operations Group, Investigations, SWAT), plus hands-on workshops in areas such as Tactics, Fingerprinting and Firearms Safety.

Instructors are drawn from the Junction City Police Department staff and other areas of expertise. Citizen’s Police Academy class members are also given an opportunity to observe police patrol work through a Ride-A-Long experience with an area patrol officer. Class members will also experience a live Weapons Range, Use of Force Simulator and Airsoft Pistols and Rifles.

Applications: No longer accepting applications for the 2022 Class.


Contact Sergeant Eliel Borges via email or at the Junction City Police Department 785-762-5912 or 785-210-4757.