Alarm Registration

If your residence or business is equipped with an alarm, you are required to register your alarm. There are no costs associated with the registration of the alarm unless the alarm is currently monitored by the Police Department.

Fees for responding to False Alarms

Junction City, Kansas Code of Ordinances Section 260.060

  1. The following fees shall be assessed for alarm users who have recorded "chargeable" false alarms within a permit year:
    1. There shall be no fees assessed for the 1st and 2nd chargeable false alarms.
    2. There shall be a fee of $50 assessed for the 3rd chargeable false alarm.
    3. There shall be a fee of $100 assessed for the 4th chargeable false alarm.
    4. There shall be a fee of $150 assessed for the 5th chargeable false alarm.
    5. There shall be a fee of $200 assessed for the 6th chargeable false alarm.
    6. There shall be a fee of $250 assessed for the 7th chargeable and each subsequent chargeable false alarm.

How to Register Your Alarm

You may register your alarm in one of the following ways:

  1. Home Owners and Business Owners can register their alarms by coming down to the Junction City Police Department and filling out an Alarm Registration form or by contacting Lieutenant David Sloan via email, or at 785-762-5912, ext. 3635, where an Alarm Registration form can be emailed to you.
  2. Register online through the Application for Online Alarm Registration
  3. Download the Alarm Registration Form in Word or PDF format using one of the below links and send in the form by mail, email or by dropping it off at the Police Department.

Alarm Registration Downloadable Word Form

Alarm Registration Downloadable PDF Form

Emergency Information

Please ensure you update all emergency contact information for your residence or business within 15 days of a change per Municipal code 260.050. You can resubmit a registration form online or by filling out a registration form and dropping it off at the Junction City Police Department by emailing the form to Lieutenant David Sloan.

For more information about Alarm Systems please refer to the City of Junction City, Kansas website.