Administrative Division

Chief of Police

A message from the Chief

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke Every person is called to service and I thank God that I have been given the opportunity to serve my community with the passion and desire to serve and protect. The oath of office recited by myself and every law enforcement officer is a commitment to service and to ensure that evil does not triumph, this is my commitment to you. 

John Lamb, Chief

Chief of Police Junction City

About the Chief

John Lamb is the Chief of Police for the Junction City Police Department. John was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. Lamb enlisted in the United States Navy in 1990 and completed six years with the Navy Reserves. In 1991 Lamb married his wife of 29 years, Nanette. They have four beautiful loving children: Helen, John, Gabriel, and Noah.

In April 1993, Lamb was hired as a Corrections Officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and in December of the same year, was hired as Police Officer. In March 2001, Lamb was promoted to Police Sergeant after scoring one of the highest scores on his promotional exam. In May of 2003, at 32 years old, he was promoted to Patrol Lieutenant after having scored in the top ten on the promotional exam. Being only 32 at the time made him one of the youngest in the agency to have done so.  As a Police Lieutenant, Lamb quickly began advanced career development to assist with making the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office one of the premier law enforcement agencies in the nation.

As a Commanding Officer assigned to the Community Affairs Division, Lamb was instrumental in bringing new, innovative programs to the community: (Teen Driver Challenge, Be Brave Gun Pledge, and Stranger Danger Safety. Lamb was also very involved in Crime Prevention, and understanding the importance of community involvement which lead to creating strong partnerships and many successes being accomplished along the way.

After working 2 ½ years in Community Affairs, Lamb was given an opportunity to command the Continuous Improvement Unit. Under the direction of Sheriff John Rutherford, The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office pioneered Lean and Six Sigma tools as it relates to law enforcement. Lamb understood and adopted the continuous improvement philosophies and ideals, using them to make a positive change in the agency. Many cost savings and value-added improvement projects were enjoyed under his command. During this time, Lamb recognized that leadership and continuous improvement go hand in hand and created the “Leadership related to Continuous Improvement” curriculum for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office’s Leadership Development Institute. This training was provided to many supervisors within the agency and highlighted the benefits of servant leadership and empowering employees to make positive changes.

In May of 2010, Sheriff John Rutherford appointed Lamb to his staff as the Assistant Chief of Logistics and General Support in the Services Division. As the Assistant Chief, Lamb learned much about the behind the scenes of running a large police agency. Lamb was responsible for much of the agency’s operating budget to include the agency’s fleet, property and evidence, supply, and Civil. Under Lamb’s command, new innovative programs were implemented to address cost savings: Alternative fuel, solar power advancements, and uniform advancements.

In January of 2013, Lamb was reassigned to Operations as a Patrol Zone Commander. As the Zone Commander, John commanded over 160 patrol personnel to include Patrol officers, Sergeants and Lieutenants, Traffic Unit, Beach Patrol, and a Community Problem Response Team. Lamb provided police service to a population over 192,000 and addressed a large array of community issues and UCR crimes. Under Lamb’s command, he always practiced the importance of community involvement and attended monthly community meetings.

Secretary to the Chief of Police

Cindy Sinklier is an Administrative Secretary who provides direct organizational support to the chief of police. She assists with budget planning, accounts payable, and payroll time entry.