Police Department

The Junction City, Kansas Police Department provides professional and ethical public safety services to improve the quality of life in our community, making Junction City a safe and enjoyable city to live in.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Junction City, Kansas Police Department is to protect and serve with honor and integrity while being committed to a positive relationship with the community.

Junction City Police Department’s Values

The values the department considers important, determine the way its members view their role and the people they serve. Values serve as a link between departmental operations and the community’s ability to participate in and understand the purpose of the department’s strategies. 

The Junction City police department’s values are reflected in its code of ethics, canons of police ethics, policies, procedures, and the actions of its members.

  • Integrity: The community places the highest trust in law enforcement personnel. Each member of the Junction City Police Department must recognize they are held to a higher standard of accountability than the citizens we serve. We must always be mindful to NEVER violate the public trust. Our conduct, both on and off duty, must be beyond reproach.
  • Compassion: The role of the Junction City Police Department is to resolve conflict through impartial enforcement of the law, not through imposition, judgment, or punishment. All persons shall be treated equally and with compassion.
  • Professionalism: We recognize that our success is dependent on the trust and confidence of the citizens of our communities. Therefore, we shall always engage in behavior that reflects the integrity of law enforcement professionals.
  • Pride: We hold pride in being capable and caring, and in providing a valuable service to the citizens of Junction City. We commit to continually promoting pride in our community, agency, and profession.
  • Teamwork: Law enforcement is a community-wide effort. As such, we actively seek citizen involvement in all aspects of policing. We shall strive to cultivate effective working relationships with other governmental, public, and law enforcement agencies in pursuit of our Department’s mission.
  • Excellence: We shall strive to maintain or exceed recognized law enforcement standards in every duty we undertake. We pledge to establish and maintain high-performance standards to ensure public confidence and trust.
  • Commitment: We have a vision for the future of our community and our agency. We make a firm commitment to establish and achieve our Department goals.
  • Honesty: Honesty means being trustworthy and sincere in accordance with experience and facts. Lying, cheating, stealing, or the appearances of impropriety are unacceptable behaviors to the profession of law enforcement personnel.