Wastewater Treatment Plant

  1. East Wastewater Treatment Plant (East WWTP) (427 Grant Avenue)
  2. SW Wastewater Treatment Plant (SW WWTP) (3200 Industrial Street)

Summary of Operations

The East WWTP (built in 1954), is a 2.5 MGD dry weather and 7.0 MGD wet weather plant that provides treatment of an average flow of 1.700 MGD domestic sanitary wastewater discharge for the City. The plant consists of:

  1. Preliminary Treatment
  2. Primary Treatment
  3. Secondary Treatment with Ultra Violet Treatment for Disinfection
  4. Lime Stabilization Treatment for Bio-Solids disposal on agriculture farmland

The plant has a certified laboratory for some testing, otherwise samples are sent to a commercial Laboratory for testing that are permit required. 

The plant was built in 1954 with the first upgrade in 1968 by adding primary treatment. In 1975 another upgrade to the plant was completed by adding secondary treatment. In 1990 a plant upgrade included adding an emergency generator to operate the entire plant under times of power outages. Extra storage capacity for bio-solid handling was also added at this time. In 2000 the plant received the last upgrade by adding UV Disinfection Treatment and ammonia removal.

Bio-Solids Disposal

The bio-solids disposal operation is a joint operation between the East WWTP and SW WWTP dependent on sludge storage at each facility. Currently the City removes bio-solids as a liquid product and is transported by tanker for transfer to the SW WWTP for direct land application during limited periods of the year.

Administrative Staff

Veolia Water Administrative staff is located at the Water Treatment Plant, main building 2nd floor, at 2101 N Jackson Street. The office phone number is 785-762-5855 Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 4 pm.

Department Head

  • Kerry Peterson, Project Manager, Veolia Water,
  • Ruthie Everett, Assistant Project Manager, Veolia Water