Collection Fees

Residential Service Fees 

The City of Junction City provides residential trash services at a low monthly rate of $22.62 per month, which provides one 96-gallon container for weekly pick-up. Additional containers may be added to your service for $11.31 per month per container. 

Return trips for trash is $12.34. Replacing a damaged cart is $50.

Weekly Service 

We empty poly cart, with lid closed, and 4 additional containers/bags/bundles/boxes under 32-gallons; must have lid and handle. Anything outside of those limitations is charged per item per special pickup specifications

From March through December 31st, we will pick up an additional 15 bags of leaves (under 40-gallons) and 4 bags of grass at no additional charge.


Drop-off recycling is available at no additional charge at the Geary County Transfer Station located at 1509 N Perry, and the city plans to expand its recycling efforts in the future.

Commercial & Multi-Family Dumpster Fees

The city will provide dumpster service for a monthly fee. The charge is based on the dumpster size and how often the dumpster is emptied.

Size of DumpsterHow Often EmptiedPrice Per Month
2 yard dumpsterOnce a week$171.65
2 yard dumpsterTwice a week$308.51
4 yard dumpsterOnce a week$233.07
4 yard dumpsterTwice a week$425.06
6 yard dumpsterOnce a week$287.92
6 yard dumpsterTwice a week$527.87

If you would like to order dumpster service, please call Public Works at 785-238-7142.