Channel 3

The City, under the City-granted franchise agreement with Cox Communications, controls the Government Access Channel (GAC) or Channel 3. Responsibility for developing policy and reviewing content for conformance with these guidelines lies with the City Manager, who administers the programming and operation of the cable channel through the Information Technology (IT) Department.


The primary goal of the GAC is to identify, explain and promote the use of City services and to encourage interaction between City Government and Junction City citizens. Programming consists of any information relative to:

  • Emergency information as necessary and general announcements of current government events in the City
  • Explanations of functions of government
  • General information to the public relative to meetings
  • The operation of City services
  • Times, dates and places

Programming may also include events such as coverage of City facility openings and recreational or cultural events held outside government facilities.

Broadcast an Item

If you would like to broadcast an item on Channel 3, please contact the Information Technology Department via email or at 785-210-2950.